Potomac River Great Falls
Potomac River, Great Falls
Lace Up Boots
Boat Race, Long Branch
The WIndmill, Long Branch, NJ
Gas Fields, NJ
Warehouse by the Tracks, near Newark
Steel Trains, NJ
The Acting Teacher
Dry Dock, Key West
Back of Hotel, Key West
Orange Truck, Key West
Raritan Valley, New Jersey
End of the Season, Long Branch
Up for the Winter, Monmouth Beach
Boardwalk, Amagansett
Ball Field, NYC
Chinatown, NYC
Between Newark and New York
Foul. Yearbook Pictures
The King and I Rehearsal, Yearbook Pictures
Black Sheep Girl, Brooklyn
Waiting for the Light to Change, NYC
Vals Bar
David and Brian vs Bryan and David
Coney Island Triptych Break Dance
Coney Island Triptych Wonder Wheel
Coney Island Triptych, Wonder Wheel
French Horses, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
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